Group 2

Thank you for agreeing to provide more information on your Group 2 patients.

By providing this data we can understand more about how osteoporosis/osteoporotic patients are managed and how outcomes can be improved. Our aim is to get enough data to share with the GP community and to publish in a peer-reviewed forum.

Please do not provide any patient names or identifying information. We only require the tabulated numbers.

1. How many patients did you identify that met the following criteria?
  • Aged ≥ 70 years,
  • Not diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • Have not had a DEXA scan since turning 70 or within the last 2-5 years
  • Not under the case of a specialist for osteoporosis management.
2. How many patients did you recall?
3. Approximately how many patients responded and returned for an appointment?
4. How many patients went on to have a DEXA scan?
5. How many patients had a T-score between -1 and -2.5 (osteopenia)?
6. How many patients had a T-score between -1 and -2.5 (osteopenia)?
7. How many patients commenced treatment/ management for osteoporosis?

Please enter the number of patients all of above.