Group 3

Thank you for agreeing to provide more information on your patients over 50 years of age who you think should be screened for osteoporosis.

By providing this data we can understand more about how osteoporosis/osteoporotic patients are managed and how outcomes can be improved. Our aim is to get enough data to share with the GP community and to publish in a peer-reviewed forum.

Please do not provide any patient names or identifying information. We only require the tabulated numbers.

1. How many patients did you identify that have experienced any fracture since turning 50 years of age?
2. How man patients were suspected to have had minimal trauma fracture, based on clinical characteristics?
3. How many patients did you recall?
4. How many patients returned for an appointment?
5. How many patients went on to have a DEXA scan?
6. How many patients had a thoracic X-ray?
7. How many patients commenced treatment/ management for osteoporosis?

Please enter the number of patients all of above.